News & Notes

Summer of Values

Last year I went through the stages of creating a brand strategy for 2 Hounds Media. It was a long process, mostly because I was so busy creating for all my wonderful clients it was hard to find the time … Read More

Summer Will Pass in the “Blink” of an Eye

Summer has finally arrived here in the D.C. Metro and with great anticipation, my husband and I are measuring the growth of our cucumbers and tomatoes with daily visits to the garden. There is nothing quite like the smug … Read More

Giving Back and Looking Forward

One of the 2 Hounds Media company values is to demonstrate a generous spirit. As I thought about that this Fall, I wanted my holiday client gifts to reflect that, by bringing joy and warmth to others.  This year, … Read More

We run on coffee and 100% renewable energy

I’m so proud to say that the 2 Hounds office is now 100% renewable green energy. Our earth’s resources are precious and there’s no time to waste. I have a deep commitment to environmental concerns, as well as a fondness … Read More

Learning to Look Up

Never have I felt so small or insignificant as I did last night. Laying on my back looking up into the atmosphere as comet dust flashed in the sky and whizzed away out of sight. The Perseid Meteor shower dazzled … Read More

It’s Official: I am Now Certified as a Woman-Owned Small Business

2 Hounds Media has been awarded certification as a Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB/WOSB) as per the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Small Business Administration (

The rigorous WOSB certification program increases the ability of women business owners to … Read More

Award-Winning Infographics

I recently received a Communicator Award in the Content Marketing category for one of my Infographics. The 22nd Annual Communicator Awards featured an incredible pool of over 6,000 entries, making it the largest and most prestigious award of its … Read More