August 12, 2016

Learning to Look Up


Never have I felt so small or insignificant as I did last night. Laying on my back looking up into the atmosphere as comet dust flashed in the sky and whizzed away out of sight. The Perseid Meteor shower dazzled me—and the Northern Hemisphere with shooting stars across the sky.

I felt like a tiny pin prick on the face of the earth and for the first time this week I was entirely present in the moment. I wasn’t thinking of client deadlines and proposals, what to have for dinner tomorrow or my meetings next week. It was very magical being completely engrossed and still…. the comfortable silence filled with crickets and the occasional rustling of my husband and dog.

The significance was not lost on me and I promise to remember to put down my phone/laptop/iPad every once in a while and look up. #makeitcount

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